Find a graffiti artist for hire. We’ve got the best of ‘em.
Peruse through a cherry-picked  selection of top-shelf artists. Each artist is rich with style, talent and the experience to fit your taste. Take your time to get to know the masterminds behind the paintbrush. Admire their cool collection of work and read the fun facts from their biography.
Once you’ve found the artist of your dreams send them a message. Hot tip: We recommend opening communication with no more than two artists. Three’s a crowd!


 Say ‘hey,’ followed by your ideas to get the ball rolling.
Message your artist and share a little about yourself. Your idea, the size of the space and the location, your vision (be specific), your favourite cocktail. Don’t be shy! Bond over your exquisite taste in single malt whiskey.
Make sure to check your spam folder (sometimes our emails slide into the wrong places). Your selected artist will provide you with a quote for your project. When you're happy with your price and ready to get stuck in pay your deposit. We’re here to handle the tedious technicalities of commissioning an artwork. It’s time to get creative!


Watch your idea go from concept to creation.

The deposit initiates the design process. Book An Artist will keep your payment secure. Your artist will work their magic and present you with a digital masterpiece (inclusive of two rounds of feedback) based on your brief. Once the final design is approved, you can lock in the highly anticipated paint dates.

happy customer

Wipe away a proud tear as your brainchild grows before your very eyes. The end result? Spectacular. You? Ecstatic. Us? One step closer to replacing every dreary, mass-produced wallpaper with unique custom artworks. Final payments will be made once the artwork is complete.


A few tidbits to consider when booking an artist...

Each artist runs their own show. An average price per sqm varies depending on the artist. Artists know their worth and decide their rates dependent on their abilities. Projects larger than 30 sqm are on a quote basis. Book An Artist is here to make sure all both you and the talent are cared for an satisfied.

The price of your project is dependent on the size of your project. The world is your oyster and there is no limit on what our artists can paint. But, painting the side of a building compared to a small bedroom will differ greatly in price.


Another component to consider is the complexity of your creative genius. The more elements you add to your design the more likely it is to go up in price. Convincing portraits, colourful creatures and multi-image murals tend to be more expensive.