Rebel Sport Sydney Mural

The Rebel Sport and Book An Artist collaboration continues! Rebel Sport doesn't do boring and has continued to connect with us to paint cool murals unique to their stores. Some of the most recent works feature in Rebel Sport Melbourne and Rebel Sport Sydney, painted by local artists. Sydney artist, Shannon Boyd, has just recently completed yet another massive mural painting working with Rebel Sport. You can find the latest and greatest mural in Westfield, Miranda. Shannon churned out the project under four days due to the new store's looming opening date. Not shy to a challenge, Shannon whipped out his sketch pad and began constructing ideas for the massive 4 x 12.2-metre space.

In the Rebel Sport design, Shannon intertwined the famous black and yellow Rebel branding with references to Miranda's beachside lifestyle. One of the figures sports a Rebel jersey dawned with the number 85 – a head nod to Rebel Sport's opening in 1985. Another's arm is painted with a tattoo inspired by those seen on surf-loving locals of Miranda. These thoughtful additions make for a final artwork with a deeper meaning for both the store and its patrons.

Other elements, such as flickers of yellow and grey circles, gave the piece movement. Shannon's background is in fine art. He has found his knowledge of design has aided him in working with big brands. Rebel Sport colour palette and branding acted as a starting point to build the perfect mural for their new store. The players used for the Miranda mural were designed to be ambiguous, encouraging the idea that anyone can reach success and play on the court.

Book An Artist is stoked to see big brands choosing local artists to refresh and redesign their stores!




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Rebel Sport Mural